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Sex Toys South Africa Online Adult Shop

Welcome to South Africas online adult shop. The sex shop online offering the most exciting range of sex toys, sexy lingerie and more adult products delivered overnight to anywhere in the country. Buy your adult toys online from our virtual adult shop and we will deliver discreetly and efficiently to absolutely anywhere in South Africa - either by Post Office or by Door-Courier. adult toys shop offers the latest dildos, Fleshlight masturbators for men, We-Vibes, vibrators, penis-enlargement devices, sex-lubricants, sex-stimulants and much, much more. Browse our sex shop for the best in adult toys provided with exceptional service and complete confidentiality and discretion. We will deliver your adult toys to you in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or Pretoria in no time. We deliver to every smaller town also! If you have a postal code, we will get your parcel to you anywhere in South Africa with Overnight delivery. Buying sex toys has never been easier! Sex toys are now a common and accepted part of our sexual culture, and as such, they are now easyer than ever to purchase and enjoy. Service and customer satisfaction is our top priority and we guarantee the ultimate discreet sextoys shopping experience. From purchase to delivery!  

Sex Shop Online for Discreet and Confidential Adult Toys Shopping


Our online sex shop is 100% discreet. We ensure you that we treat your purchase with utmost privacy and confidentiality. Every parcel is extremely well-packaged and wrapped with bubble wrap and then placed inside a box. The box or package is then sealed again with thick tape. On the outside of the package there is no marking whatsoever of the contents and no indication that it is coming from

Once you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email and that is all. Your parcel tracking details are emailed from a non-descript email address as well. Dont let being shy stop you from enjoying one of the most exciting and pleasureable products you can buy! Start shopping in our adult shop today.   


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Don’t be shy, Try Adult Toys! 

Thanks to the Internet, you can now shop for and purchase adult toys in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you are worried about your kids or colleagues seeing a package from “”, dont be! The joy and benefit of ordering adult toys and other sex products online is the total shopping discretion you can enjoy while doing so! Your payment and your parcel will never reflect anything whatsoever indicating your shopping. 

 Think outside the box. 

Yes, traditional sex toys such as dildos and vibrators are fun, but there is so much more out there. Consider cock rings, couple kits, couple vibrators, aphrodisiacs, prostate stimulators, nipple clamps, bondage gear. There are adult toys that offer “carefully designed features to take sex to more orgasmic levels" - let your imagination run wild. Here at we offer all the adult toys for experimenting & exploring your sexual fantasies. From dildos to vibrators, maturbators to cock rings and much, much more. Enhanced pleasure is just a few clicks away!

Use it to enhance your relationship. 

People often think that adult toys are just for swinging singles, but the truth is that they can greatly improve your relationship with your partner or even just offer you amazing auto-stimulation. Sex toys can help close the “gender timing gap” when it comes to sex. While men will often go from 0-100 kmh in the bedroom, women need more time to warm up. However, even with foreplay, it can be hard for both partners to feel inspired and fulfilled. We recommend you try a sex toy or a variety of them! 

There is a huge variety of adult toys available, this we know, but the beauty of shopping online is that you can take your time browsing, using your imagination while doing so and reading up on each product. Sometimes all it takes is some good sex toys and sexual creativity to take sex from average to amazing!

Whether you prefer straightforward toys or something more exotic, we have something for every one and every couple. So go ahead, fantasize, explore, enhance and enjoy!

Sex Toys for Guys, Girls and Couples

Here’s a not-so-dirty little secret: sex is good for you! It may boost your heart health and immune system, reduce pain and stress, improve sleep and even lengthen your life!

Sex toys are the perfect tool to enhance, stimulate, promote and encourage amazing sex. Regardless of whether the sextoy is used solo or with a partner. 

More and more women, men and couples are using and exploring the joys of adult toys. There are in fact Adult Toys that are specially designed for use by couples. Couples who have a more outgoing and playful attitude towards sex  will enjoy a more satisfying sexual relationship.

Men enjoy good vibrations too! There are sex toys for men which are great for solo play and there are toys for men that both partners will enjoy. Solo masturbation toys offer men that 'anytime, anywhere' possibility - with the option of sex (or simulation thereof!) at their disposal. 

Introducing Adult Toys to your bedroom can turn your sex life from being a monotonous chore to steamy, can’t-get-enough sex. Dont be shy!

Shopping on is a breeze! Our beautiful online sex shop offers an easy interface for a pleasureable shopping experience and our customer service and parcel delivery are remarkable too! 

Happy shopping,