Vibrators are one of the most famous sex toys available on the market today. The vibrator has been around for a long time. The vibrators basic function is for vaginal / anal insertion allowing the user to reach orgasm relatively easily with very little effort!

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There are many assorted vibrators such as the rabbit, classic, g-spot or realistic vibrator it comes down to what you think will work for you. Remember that each vibrator type has a different function and is not only designed for aesthetic purposes. The rabbit for example features a protruding rabbit head off the shaft. This rabbit head tickles and stimulates the clitoris when the main head of the vibrator is inserted. Realistic looking vibrators not only look great but actually provide subtle features for the user that enhance the experience every time they are used. The realistic toys will usually feature a large penis head and sometimes strong penis veins – many people love that. Other may prefer the smooth, sleek contours of a classic vibrator. The classics usually feature ‘bullet-like’ design and smooth, seamless lines.