Lusting Kiss | Male Masturbator Sleeve


Enjoy an oral treat with the Lusting Kiss, a masturbator that will provide the ultimate oral as it slides up and down your shaft. Enjoy as the luscious lips give you the most passionate orgasm you will ever experience.

The lusting kiss is an ultra-stretchy masturbator that is very tight and will provide an orgasmic sensation as the nodule internal shaft gives a realistic sensation as it grips around your shaft as you slide your penis in and out.

With a shaft made of Loveclone RX, the lusting kiss feels ultra soft and will provide an even more realistic skin texture and viscosity. This means you won’t be able to tell the difference between this device and the real thing!

If you want to experience an even stronger sucking sensation, the Lusting Kiss has a hole of the end which allows you to control the internal vacuum by simply placing a finger over it.

A simple to use masturbator, cover it in plenty of lubricant to enhance your sensations. Enjoy the ultimate kiss with the lusting kiss.

Total Length:6.25 inches (15.9cm)
Unstretched Width (diameter):0.5 inches (1.3cm)
Material:TPR –Loveclone RX
Phthalates free:Yes

This masturbator is tight all the way from the soft supple lips, along the amazingly textured internal sleeve, right to the open end. Just slip inside and experience the most passionate and lust-filled kiss you’ve ever has the opportunity to enjoy…

With a soft mouth opening and a fantastic hand-held shape, this masturbation sleeve is great for spicing up any hand job.

The internal texture is tightly ribbed in the special ‘SoftRidge’ design which allows this sexy stroker to feel just like the real thing.

As this masturbator is so soft, you can squeeze and stretch it to create the kind of pressure that’s right for you.

Open-ended for easy cleaning and to fit any length.

Lube it up, slip inside and enjoy perfect oral anywhere and at anytime!

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